Tech Specs

Screen size: we make 22,24,27,32 inch models

Brightness: 250cd/m

Wattage: 60 to 90 watt max

Led backlight: Yes

LCD screen: Yes

Weight: 9-14 lbs. depending on the model

Frame color: black
Max photos: 500 to 1000 HD photos per GB at HD 1920x1080 AutoPlay slideshow photo max is 1 GB. Photos in seperate folders have a max of 2GB for each slideshow. If you convert your photos to video slide shows you can play the videos back to back and show tons more images.
Memory Supported: USB 2.0 and 3.0, up to 32 GB USB or SD memory card: maybe higher. Have not tested higher than 32gb.
Plays Video, Jpg, mp3: yes Video file size limit is 2gb or less
Plays slide show with music: yes
Slideshow: yes
Shuffle images: No, images play in ABC 123 order. Videos can play using a shuffle setting.
Internal memory: No
SD memory port:  yes on all models. 
WiFi support: No
Weather proof: No
Black Matting: Comes with wooden overlay when ordered

Transitions: yes wipe and zoom options.
Adjustable Time between slides: 3, 7, 10, 30 sec. 
USB port: 1 port. Left side or top of the screen
Finish: black gloss front

Internal speaker: 2 watt to 4 watt
Auto Start and Play: yes- after power is turned on
Play video & slides together: No
Wall track mount included: yes
Vesa mount holes: (all models have 100 x 100 mm screw holes)
Table stand:  32 inch sits flat as is. 22, 24, and 27 inch models have a kick out leg stand on their base.
Power Cord (pre attached): 32 models pre-attached. 27 inch and smaller models have detachable power cords. The length is 40 inch.
Remote control: yes
Warranty: 1 year with optional upgrade up to 3 years (PDF warranty)
Carrying case: No.

Tech support : Free for 30 day after purchase


Screen size is measured diagonally.


 32 inch screens will have power/input button on the back left side of screen. Other smaller screens will have control buttons on the bottom of each frame.

These are for screen control only. The USB is operated with the included remote. Red light on top and  blue light on the bottom of screen when on.













Tech Support number: 615-750-5972 | Tech Support email:

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