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1. Is A USB thumb drive required to use this frame.

Yes. or you can now use an SD card on all models. Your digital frame plays the images or videos located on the USB drive that is plugged in.
The images are played in alphabetical order. 

Videos can play in ABC or random order.

The photos or videos need to be all in 1 folder to play in a continuous slideshow.

subfolders are ignored.

Auto Play images in base (root) of USB is now available. Limit is 1 GB or less of photos to Auto Play.

Once frame receives power, images or videos will begin playing a looping slide show. (check settings)


2. Can I see the instructions?

Bigeframe HD 1080p USB  instructions ,

Underside button panel instructions for 22-27in. models Click Here!

Wall hanging instructions. Click Here!

PDF 1 year warranty details: Click Here!


3a. How many photos can play in a slide show?

Think of each folder on your USB stick as a slideshow. The standard USB models will play and continually loop a folder as your slideshow. Currently you can have up to 2GB worth of images in a folder. That roughly translates to about 1,000 to 2,000 images per slideshow. Size your images according to recommended guidelines in question 2a above.

If you have a lot of photos and want them all to play please try turning your images into a video slide show.

This is done using your computer and video software.

We recommend a program called WonderShare DVD slideshow builder deluxe. It will save as .mp4 video.

this is the link for windows:
you can try it for free to see if you like it.
add about 400 photos to the program.
select a simple transition
you can add music or a voice over if needed.
in the save create menu you need to select save to computer.
Then save as encode:H.264  .mp4
move the resolution to 1280x720 and set the bit rate to 2500 kbs
our recommended video save setting is:
H.264  .mp4   29.97fps
1280x720   or  1920x1080
try to keep the file size under 1.8 gb for each video. 
seperate videos will play back to back and repeat. Press the Ratio and repeat button on the remote to adjust video settings. There is also a random playback setting.
using the program above we were able to put 400 images into a video. which made a video size of only 750MB and a play time of 39 min.
if you have more photos, just make more videos to cover all of your photos.




3b. How do I take a picture or movie?

Set your camera to 1080p if you can. Use a digital camera or download images from the internet. You need to size your images to the 1080p HD format for best results. 16x9 format. If you have Photoshop. Download the 1080p Photoshop template Here! Resize images to 1920 x1080 pixels. 72dpi. RGB color. square pixel. for best results. No compression. keep the quality at 100 percent when saving images. Save video as MP4 HD setting. Do not use compression. always save at the highest setting for HD 1080p.

4. Do you have a store in my town?

No. We have one location. Our shop is located in Nashville, TN.

5. Who else makes large digital picture frames in the USA?

If you find a better manufacturer or supplier please let us know. Bigeframe will make every effort to offer you the best price and service. Smaller frames on Amazon Link: Click Here!

6. Do your frames come with stands?

Our  frames will sit flat on a table by themselves using the fold out leg.
27 inch and smaller frames have a fold out leg for support.


32 inch model has a 3 inch wide base and sits nicely on a table without a stand.

We do sell floor stands. Follow the accessories link to the right.

7. Who makes bigeframe models?

We do, from our shop in Nashville, TN.

8. How long have you been in business?

Bigeframe was started in 2002.

9. Do your frames have speakers?

Yes,  If you want to hook the frame up to a larger sound system , there is an audio port  in the back of your screen.

10. Do you have a WiFi frame?

No, We have sold out of the WiFi upgrade option. May get more early next year.

11. Can I play pictures and video?

Yes, our digital frames are capable of playing images and video. They can play and repeat content or play content only once. You can also pause content if you need it to show for longer periods. Media content plays in ABC 123 order.

The screens will play all photos together or all videos together. It will not mix (photos and videos) together.


The slideshow will only play media from the selected folder. Sub folders will be ignored. you will have to click on a sub folder to play its contents.

There is a max limit of 2GB or less for each folder. Slideshow can only repeat up to about 2,000 images before it loops to the begining of a slideshow. Suggest making seperate folders if you have more than 2,000 images.

12. Do your frames come with USB drives?

They come with 1 USB port on the top or left side. They do not come with a USB memory drive unless otherwise noted. You can purchase recommended USB drives from the accessories section. We sell the mini usb style.

13. Do you have a battery powered frame?

No. Sorry. If you need a battery we recommend getting one on Amazon.You will need to get an external portable DC to AC battery or UPS battery. (Universal Power Supply) 90watts or greater
Click Here!

14. Do you rent frames?

No. Sorry.

15. Can I autostart my pics or videos?


Standard USB digital frames can autoplay either video or images.


you will put your images and or video in the base (root) USB directory to autoplay either photos or video. Settings icon allows you to turn this feature on or off. Go to the Setup menu using your small remote control.

When power is supplied to the frame it will Auto Start.


16. I want my frame to look more traditional.

Not a problem. We sell wooden picture frame overlays for all our models. Select the overlay you need when you order.

If you need something different than the three styles we offer please check out our partner Eaze custom framing. Click Here!

17. How thick are the frames?

22,24, and 27 inch models are 2 inches from front to back.

32 inch models are 3.5 inches from front to back.

18. What is the life span of the frame?

3-5 years if kept from power surges and the elements. The new LED backlight models are rated at 50,000 hours. The frames come with a 1 year warranty. Additional warranty is available 

19. Can I hide the USB memory stick?

The best way to do it is to get a wood frame snap on overlay. The USB we sell is a mini style. It will only stick out a quarter inch on smaller models. 32 inch memory area is hidden behind screen and does not stick out.

With the Overlay USB sticks under 1 inch in length are hidden completely.

We do sell the new compact USB in our accessories section.



20. Do you sell smaller or larger frames?

The 22 inch screen size is our smallest and the 32 inch digital frame is now our largest. If you need smaller digital frames please visit our affiliate partner. frames on Amazon Link: Click Here!

21. What color frames do you have?

Gloss black is our only color. If you need a different color you may want to purchase a wooden picture frame snap on overlay. If you need a special color wood please send us a sample and we'll try to match. Allow 1-2 weeks.

Send to:

409 Bonnawood Dr.
Hermitage, TN 37076

email: sample@bigeframe.com

22. Can you make a custom enclosure?

No. You may want to hire a contractor in your area and give them your project details. Be sure to allow access to the frame in case you need to service it.  Sometimes you may need to format the USB or SD memory if you have one. Allow access to the power wire. At times you may need to completely turn off or unplug the digital frame for trouble shooting.

23. Is there a warranty?

Yes, a standard 1 year warranty is included on our basic frames with an option to upgrade for a total 3 Year Limited Warranty. The LCD's we use are new. During the warranty period you pay only the cost of shipping during any parts failure. We cover parts and labor. After warranty repair is available for a fee, plus parts, labor, and shipping charges. You can view our standard warranty here. [warranty PDF]

24. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. You can view our guarantee here. [warranty PDF].

25. Can you modify your frames?

Yes, we can make minor changes. Please call with your request and we'll let you know. some requests include longer power cords and ceiling hanging clips.

26. Is PowerPoint supported?

Our digital frames will not run PowerPoint directly.

You will need to create separate images or a video of your presentation.

If your PowerPoint presentation is made of slides only, you can use PowerPoint to export the slides into .jpg images. Use Save As. Advanced Put the images onto a USB then into the digital picture frame. If your PowerPoint presentation contains animations and other timed effects, then you can preserve the presentation by changing it into a video. Your PowerPoint program can do it (Click Here!). Once you have the video saved as an Mpeg4 then you can play it on our frames.



27. What type of USB is recommended?

Kingston, HP, or PNY is recommended.

Delete all files that are not images, video , or music.

Other file types will cause screen to freeze image or reset.


28. Are the frames easy to hang on the wall?

Yes, Each frame will come with a flat wall hanging bracket mount and drywall screws. Instructions are included. Each frame now comes with a built in VESA screw pattern if you plan to use a different mount.  Our track mount attaches to the top 2 Vesa screws in the back and can be removed if you have a different mount.





29. What is the time between each picture during the slide show?

The standard USB SD  model has times of : 3, 7, 10, or 30 seconds .
(press OSD button while one of your images is showing to get this menu)

OSD button is above the photo button on some remotes

Press up and Down Arrows to go to the time you need.


If you need more options please try to convert your images into a video slide show.

Read number 3a above for our recommendation.





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