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Adjustable Floor Stand

Product Code: UFLOORSTAND32

Adjustable Floor Stand - VESA  design holds 100mm  
Black and chrome finish. Quick easy set up in under 5 minutes. The height is adjustable. Up to 68 inches high. Can be lowered to a height of 36 inches. Stands use the new VESA design. Stand is able to hold signs, posters, and banners below the screen area for extra appeal. Customers can zip tie their extra signage to the long bars. Our floor stands work great if you are using your Bigeframe for a business demonstration, convention, trade show, or school.

Base : 17in.x13in.x2in.
Holding height: 36 to 68 inch.
Measures: 68x17x13 : at 12lbs
Weight capacity: 35lbs

This stand can hold all Bigeframe models and some TV's. that have the 100mm Vesa pattern. Portrait or horizontal hanging options.

Very easy to use  design. The pull apart design gives you quick setup and quick take down times versus other stands.


Manufacturer: Bigeframe

Stock Level: 12

$119.00 $98.00


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