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USB HD digital picture frames 1080p

USB 1080p HD series
4 Big Digital Picture Frame sizes to choose from below!


Are you proud of your digital pictures? Why not show them off on a big screen?

Now you can! Put thousands of images onto a USB digital thumb drive and play those images directly on a big digital frame.

Need digital signage?

The USB Digital Picture Frame made by Bigeframe can auto play your video or photo files as soon as the unit is turned on. Enjoy 1080p resolution with crisp images and quick startup time. The endless slideshow will keep repeating your media until the unit is turned off.

Each frame includes:

  • Free wall hanging track mount
  • Built in speakers
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Full function remote control


LED Digital Picture  Frame

Great for:

  • Business presentations
  • School and information projects
  • Home entertainment
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Larger audiences

If you need anything else with your frame please visit the upgrades page.

Infinity Mirrors by Bigeframe
"When was the last time
you had something beautiful
sitting on your desk?

Imagine looking through an endless set of magical led lights.
Then imagine getting a big HUG from the person you give one of these too.

We stumbled across this idea through YouTube. By putting a security mirror
in front of a standard mirror you get this wonderful illusion of infinity.

3 Popular Designs:

Blue Cross infinity mirror
Cross 9x9 inch model: 9MCROSS14 (more details)
Blue Leds : starting at

Green twc infinity mirror
Custom logo 9x9 inch model: 9Mtwc14 (more details)
Choose color : starting at
Our art department is on call and ready to produce most
custom logos or designs. Send Art to for approval

Red Heart infinity mirror
Heart 9x9 inch model: 9MHEART14 (more details)
Red Leds : starting at

Popular Mirror Accessories

  • Table Stand Foot
    This will hold your mirror more securely and upright on a table.
    Infinity mirrors do come with a Prop Up metal bar
    but they may
    slip from time to time if you have a high traffic area.
  • Adjustable power adapter.
    This allows you to plug in your infinity mirror. You can change
    the settings to control brightness on 3 levels .
    Low,medium, and high. The standard mirror requires a
    9v battery to turn on the lights.
  • Snap On Wooden Overlay.
    (Make your infinity mirror look more traditional)
    Simply slide the wooden
    frame onto the front of the mirror.

22 inch HD USB 1080p  
22 in. model: BIG22USB14 (more details)
HD USB digital frame : starting at
Financingas low as $20 / mo* | Apply at Check Out.

24 inch HD USB 1080p  
24 in. model: BIG24USB14 (more details)
HD USB digital frame : starting at
Financingas low as $23 / mo* | Apply at Check Out.

27  inch HD USB 1080p  
27 in. model: BIG27USB14 (more details)
HD USB digital frame : starting at
Financingas low as $25 / mo* | Apply at Check Out.

32  inch HD USB 1080p  
32 in. model: BIG32USB15 (more details) (new model!)
HD USB digital frame : starting at
Financingas low as $27 / mo* | Apply at Check Out.


Production time 5-7 days. Shipping time is 3-5 days.
(If you need it quicker please call. We might be able to help.)

USB HD digital picture frames 1080p


Easy to use:

  • Load your content onto a USB drive using your PC.
  • Plug the USB into the side of your frame.
  • Press a few buttons on the remote control.
  • Press play and your slide show starts.


  • Play HD 1080p video or images
  • Play in a continuous loop.
  • Internal speakers
  • WiFi upgrade can access internet Photos and content.
  • LED backlights to save power.
  • hangs flat on the wall.
  • 32" model is only 3.5 inches thick while the smaller screens
    are even thinner at 1.8 inches thick
  • Snap On Wooden overlays available for a more traditional look.
  • screens can sit on an optional table stand.

If you need a floor stand or something else for business or school,
check out the Upgrade page.

* If you're in a hurry please call first for shipping time before you order this week. Thank You!

Popular accessories:
USB flash drive
USB flash drive
Table Stand
Small Table Stand
Holds 22 & 24 in. models -
Table Stand
Floor Stand
Universal Floor Stand
Holds 22 to 32 in. models -
Floor Stand
Secure eyelet clips
Secure eyelet clips
4 clips-
Secure eyelet clips
Need your frame to stand out?
Get a more traditional look:
Great video content packages:
Digital Aquarium Watch the fish!
Make your frame look Fancy!
Snap On Overlay
Special Order!
Snap On Overlay

Overlay Choices

3 wooden overlay choices.

  • Walnut and black
  • Cherry and black
  • All Black

If you need a more decorative Wooden Overlay and don't mind waiting a few days for V.I.P. Service.
Visit our Nashville partner:

Click here: Ease Custom Framing

Frames from this work shop are invoiced separately.

Aquarium video packs

Turn your Digital Picture Frame into a beautiful Aquarium. Hang it on the wall and it looks like a real aquarium with bubble sounds. Except these fish never need feeding. You'll have an aquarium motion picture frame.

Digital Aquarium content
Nature content


Bigeframe digital frames are made in Nashville. Made in the USA.
If you need a rush order please call first for availability.

Phone: 615-750-5972
In stock accessories ordered before 2pm central will ship same day.
Excludes freight and custom orders.

Most digital picture frames are made after you order. This allows us to get brand new up-to-date electronic parts and modify your frame according to the upgrades you select. If you need a custom design or modification please call. We'll try to help with your project needs. Please ask for rush service if needed.

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Tech Help: Call 615-750-5972

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- "Great way to show my class what they have learned during the week." Kelly, TX

- "Way better than the smaller ones on the internet." Phil, DC

- "Reads from USB stick. Great idea. I can plug in new photos from my computer whenever I want." HART, AK

- "My frame is showing all our vacation trips. Brings back great memories. Thanks! " Shoppe, CA


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