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Follow these guidelines below for best performance.


Tech Support help via email:
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All parts are brand new and tested to be in great working shape before shipping. If you're having a problem, read questions below. If your frame arrives physically damaged read #10 below.

1. How do I turn it on?

Plug frames power cord into the wall and wait for the main menu to come on. Press Power button on the side of frame.

2. How do I change the Input source to HDMI?

You need to press the second button on your remote.


3. What are recommended Image and Video guidelines?

Follow these guidelines for stable playback. set photo and video resolution to 1920x1080 pixels at 72dpi. .jpg and .mp4

4. Screen restarts when I play a photo from my USB?

There could be a hyphen in your image or folder name on the USB. Check and rename all your files using letters and numbers only. No special characters or symbols.


5. How many photos can play in a slide show?

Think of each folder on your USB stick as a slideshow. The standard USB models will play and continually loop a folder as your slideshow. Currently you can have up to 1000 different file names of images or videos in a folder. Making videos of your photos is recommended if you have more than a 1000 photos to show.


6. Do you have instructions?

Yes, A small instruction booklet will come with your order.

7. Remote not working.

Remotes will take a few button pushes sometimes to get noticed. This is normal operation. You may be pointing your remote in the wrong area. The units ship with new batteries inside remote. Remote controls are tested to be in working order when they ship. The IR (infra-red) reader ports are located in the front of our new 32" screens bottom right corner. Remote must be pointed directly at the hole with direct line of sight for best performance. If you have a wood overlay you will need to point your remote behind the wood towards the IR slot. If the remote is still not working please send it in for an exchange. Address below.  

8. Auto start images not working.

This is a normal warning. It means the digital frame can't find images on your base directory USB to play when the screen is turned on.

Press your (Setup) button on the remote to go to your Setup menu. Choose either Auto play photos or Auto play video under the settings section. press (Enter) button

After this is done please put the media you want to auto play in the base directory of your USB drive. "Not in a Folder"

Once screen/media board is turned on, the Auto play feature will start playing your photos or video located on the USB drive.

Auto Play has a limit of about 1000 images or video files it can shuffle through. Once this limit is reached it will repeat skipping anything beyond 1000 file names.


9. How to adjust Image slideshow time.
Photos and video slideshows are auto set to random play.

Slideshow time: Your time may be set to play too fast or too slow.

Press your Setup button The setup screen will allow you to adjust time between photos up to 60 seconds.

10. May need to send in for Repair.
Tech Help:
Call 615-506-6838

Does your digital picture not turn on?
Call first and describe your problem. Most problems can be fixed over the phone.

If a new remote or Power supply is needed, then send them in for a free inspection.

409 Bonnawood Dr.
Hermitage, TN 37076

11. Hands Free On and Off Auto Play

First you need to buy a ON/off digital plug timer
you can buy one on Amazon: or at the hardware store: plug your frame's power cord into the plug timer. Then set your frame to AutoPlay photos when turned ON. The photos that are on the Base /Root of your USB will play continuously in a slideshow until the plug timer turns the unit off.

Choose Auto play either Videos or Photos under the setup menu. Place those files in the base directory of your USB drive that you want to be played.

When the unit gets power it will Auto play those images or videos in a constant random repeating slide show until the power is switched off by the plug timer.

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