Digital picture frames by bigeframe

Tech Support.

Follow these guidelines below for best performance.


Tech Support help via email:
send questions here >

All parts are brand new and tested to be in great working shape before shipping. If you're having a problem, read questions below. If your frame arrives physically damaged read #14 below.

1. How do I turn it on?

Plug frames power cord into the wall and wait for the main menu to come on. Press Power button on the side of frame.

2. How do I change the Input source to HDMI?

You need to press the second button on your remote.

3. What is the best video out setting?

Media Player video out setting needs to be set to "HDMI 1080p 60HZ" for best picture. Press the settings button.



4. What are recommended Image and Video guidelines?

Follow these guidelines for stable playback. Our Media Player can support a max photo and video resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 72dpi. .jpg and .mp4

5. Screen restarts when I play a photo from my USB?

There could be a hyphen in your image or folder name on the USB. Check and rename all your files using letters and numbers only. No special characters or symbols.

6. MAC users transferring photos, Please read.

(Apple puts extra data on your images during USB transfers)
This is bad for your photo slide show. It will show black images at first. Open USB with a PC and delete hidden files before using on our Digital Frame.


7. How many photos can play in a slide show?

Think of each folder on your USB stick as a slideshow. The standard USB models will play and continually loop a folder as your slideshow. Currently you can have up to 2GB worth of images in a folder. Videos need to be 2GB or less.


8. Do you have instructions?

Yes, A small instruction booklet will come with your order.

9. Have lots of images? Need to resize quickly?

First: Format USB drives: to FAT32 at allocation size of 32K


Batch photo resize program: (Download Here)  Windows.

resizes 1000's of your photos at once!

PC Download, UNZIP, Save and install this program.

For smooth playback on our new HD 1080p frames.

Choose custom size. Set to 1920x1080
Resize images to 1920x1080 and save at the highest quality .jpg.

set the DPI to  72dpi x and y.

RGB color.

make sure the names of your files are letters and or numbers only

or the program may not save your files correctly.


If you need more options please try to convert your images into a Video slide show.

Read number 8 above for our recommendation.

11. How to find hidden files using a windows computer

Here's how to display hidden files and folders on Windows.

  • Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button,
    clicking Control Panel,
    clicking Appearance and Personalization,
    and then clicking Folder Options.
  • Click the View tab.
  • Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

once you find the hidden files please delete them.

Another way to delete:

  • Go to the File Folder icon on your digital frame using your remote. (usb drive should be plugged in)
  • access your image folder on your USB drive. Once inside that folder you can see on screen if you have any strange files that are not images.
  • delete the bad / duplicate files if they exist. delete all files that start with . DOT
  • How do you delete? (Press the OSD button on your small remote) a new menu will pop up with the delete option.

only images and or video files should be on your USB. File and folder names should have only letters and numbers. no extra dots or minus signs. $ is bad.

12. Remote not working.

It should be. You may be pointing your remote in the wrong area. The units ship with new batteries inside remote. Remote controls are tested to be in working order when they ship. The IR (infra-red) reader ports are located on the side of our screens next to USB port.  Stand to the side of your frame and point the remote control to the side of the frame. Remote must be pointed directly at the hole direct line of sight for best performance. LCD IR is next to the USB port. The SlideShow IR is located towards the bottom to middle side of the screen. If you have a wood overlay you will need to point your remote behind the wood towards the IR slot. Left side.

32 inch models have the IR port behind the frame. Point the remote behind the frame, as if you were looking sideways at it. 

If the remote is still not working please send it in for an exchange. Address below.  If you lost your remote call to order a replacement. 615-506-6838

Try bouncing the remote signal off of the ceiling if you have your frame hung on a wall.

The signal needs to get to the USB port Blue or Red light area.

13. Auto start images not working. Getting Triangle Warning on turn ON?

This is a normal warning. It means the digital frame can't find images on your base directory USB to play when the screen is turned on.

Press your (House) button on remote  to go to your main menu. Choose either Auto play photos or Auto play video under the settings section. press (setup) button

After this is done please put the media you want to auto play in the base directory of your USB drive. "Not in a Folder"

Once screen/media board is turned on, the Auto play feature will start playing your photos or video located on the USB drive.

Auto Play has a limit of 1gb of images, about 1000 images.


14. How to adjust Image slideshow time. Auto repeat media.

Media Box screens will always repeat. No shuffle or random for photos sorry. 

Videos and video slideshows can be set to random play.

Slideshow time: Your time may be set to play too fast or too slow.

Press your OSD button while the bigger image is showing on your screen.

This will give you a New menu that will allow you to set the transitions and time between each photo in the slideshow. Press the Enter then yellow Return button when done.

OSD button is found above the blue photo button on older remotes.

next to the left arrow key on new remotes.

Tech Help:
Call 615-506-6838

Does your digital picture frame need a repair?
Call first and describe your problem. Most problems can be fixed over the phone.

If a repair is needed, then send frame in for free inspection.

409 Bonnawood Dr.
Hermitage, TN 37076

Place cord behind screen. Package screen well and include shipping insurance.

If you have a wooden overlay, do not ship wooden overlay together with frame.

After warranty or not covered warranty repair fees

Inspection: Free
Repair service fee: $99
Parts: requires inspection to determine parts needed and extra cost.
Labor fee: $30
Return Shipping: $29 to $79

During warranty repair fees

Inspection: Free
Repair service fee: $0
(if damage is covered by warranty)
Parts: requires inspection to determine parts needed. $0
(if damage is covered by warranty)
Labor fee: $0
(if damage is covered by warranty)
Return Shipping: $29 to $79
(warranty work requires customer to pay for shipping)

15. How to turn off PIP? Getting a VGA box?

Some screens have a PIP feature. This will not be useful because our screens have only one input source. The PIP will be blank.

suggest resetting panel:

  1. Press menu button once. Usually button 4
  2. Press Down Arrow to Highlight "System Setup". Usually button 5
  3. Press menu button once.
  4. Press Down Arrow to Highlight "All Reset".
  5. Press menu button once.
  6. Press Down Arrow to Highlight "Yes"
  7. Press menu button once. to accept

16.How to turn off Splendid demo?

Splendid demo is not needed and appears if you press the wrong buttons. Here is how to turn it off.

suggest resetting panel:

  1. Press menu button once. Usually button 4
  2. Press Down Arrow to Highlight "System Setup". Usually button 5
  3. Press menu button once.
  4. Press Down Arrow to Highlight "All Reset".
  5. Press menu button once.
  6. Press Down Arrow to Highlight "Yes"
  7. Press menu button once. to accept

17. How do I adjust volume?

Media Box remote has volume control buttons.

22 to 27 inch screen instructions for turning the volume up and down on the screen. Using the buttons on the bottom underside of the screen:

  1. Press the 4th button from the right. This is the menu button. You will see the main screen menu pop up as a small box in the middle.
  2.  You will see the two columns on the menu. Using the 3rd button from the right. Scroll down to "Sound".
  3.  Press the 4th button (Menu button). You will see volume highlighted. Press the Menu button one more time.
  4. You can now use the third button or the fifth button to turn the volume up or down.

18.  How do i get my frame from showing Chinese on the menu? English.

  1. Get to your main menu with the large photo and video icons showing.
  2. Press the setup button on the remote control. It's the button next to the power button on the small remote.
  3. Press the Enter button once.
  4. Press the Down Arrow Twice to move 2 spaces down the highlighted list
  5. Press the Enter button then Press the Yellow return button.
  6. Press the Home button to get back to the main menu

19. What size pictures and video can I use?

First: Format USB drives: to FAT32 at allocation size of 32K

Our photo frames can now handle image sizes up to 10 mega pixel , that's 2540 x 2540 for short periods of time before frame will freeze or reboot in slideshow mode. This is normal operation. Buffer size is limited. If you want the frame to run reliably without freezing often please use these recommended settings: USB models: A picture size of 1920 x 1080 is recommended. Set .jpg pictures to a standard baseline format with a quality setting of 12 or highest. No compression. Use RGB color only. 72dpi. Square Pixel setting.  Set video to HD quality 1280x720 or 1920x1080 MPEG 4 or DIVX to show best on the HD 1080p models.

file names must be letters and numbers only. other characters may be treated as computer code and can cause freezing.   search for and delete any hidden files. hidden files like .trashes will cause problems.

20. How do I auto start my videos?

  Choose Auto play either Movies or Photos under the setup menu.   Place those files in the base directory of your USB drive that you want to be played. "not in a folder"

Hands Free On and Off Auto Play

First you need to buy a ON/off digital plug timer
you can buy one on Amazon: or at the hardware store: plug your frame's power cord into the plug timer. Then set your frame to AutoPlay photos when turned ON. The photos that are on the Base /Root of your USB will play continuously in a slideshow until the plug timer turns the unit off.

Choose Auto play either Movies or Photos under the setup menu. Place those files in the base directory of your USB drive that you want to be played.

When the unit gets power it will Auto play those images or videos in a constant repeating slide show until the power is switched off by the plug timer. The frames will play every picture file in alphabetical order 1 at a time then repeat. It will only play the pictures in the folder you start in. Sub folders are ignored.

Auto Play is limited to 1gb of images, about 1000 images.

20. My frame looks damaged.

We do make and assemble them by hand. You may see minor scratches on the plastic finish. This is normal. If the plastic is bent or separated, or if your screen is cracked please call us so we can make a shipping insurance claim and set up an inspection. The box may look fine but the inside glass gets broken if the boxes are shaken or placed under pressure.

Phone: 615-506-6838

Package frame back up with all packaging materials and ask for a replacement to be shipped to you.

22. Where is my internal memory?

There is NO internal memory on our models. Leave your USB or SD plugged in to play your media.

23. I have a USB drive that does not work.

Be sure to click on the photo icon when playing photos or it will not show your photos. Same is true with video. If you click on the wrong menu icon your USB will seem like it is not listing your files. Press your return button to go back to your main menu and try again.

Format your USB drive before using it or if having media problems. If it has hidden files or programs on it, it may not work. Use .jpg, .mp3, or , mp4, .avi files only.

Try to format it using FAT 32 and 32K allocation size. If it is SanDisk brand stop using it and buy a different brand.

Some USB drives do not work in our frames. They can contain a built in program that conflicts with our frames.

We have only tested up to 32 GB USB drives. If you want to use a 64GB USB please format it to NTFS format at 32K if possible or it may not work.

All USB drives purchased through Bigeframe are tested to work on our digital frames. If you buy from a third party please keep your receipt in case it does not work.

24. Can i use special file names?

NO: Use letters and numbers only. No extra periods, dashes, minus signs, or dollar signs. This will confuse our digital frames.
Example: 17.5.jpg is wrong. try 17b.jpg

Delete small image files and thumbnail files. Use only .jpg and .mp4 files that are at or above 640x480.

folder names can not have special letters.

25. Do you sell smaller or larger frames?

The 22 inch screen size is our smallest and the 32 inch digital frame is now our largest. If you need smaller digital frames please visit our affiliate partner.| Smaller frames on Amazon Link: Good deals on smaller frames

26. What color frames do you have?

Gloss black is our only color. If you need a different color you may want to purchase a wooden picture frame overlay. Click on accessories. If you need a special color wood please send us a sample and we will try to match.
Allow 1-2 weeks.

Send to:
409 Bonnawood Dr.
Hermitage, TN 37076


27. Is there a way to secure my frame to the wall?

New frames as of Oct. 27th will come standard with VESA 100mm screws in the back of each model.

You need to get a VESA style wall mount that screws onto the back of the frame then screws onto the wall.

The wall mount that comes standard with our frames will hold frame to the wall and can also be lifted off the track if needed.


28. Can you make a custom enclosure?

No. You may want to hire a contractor in your area and give them your project details. Go to our video page to the left for the dimensions of our digital frames.


Be sure to allow access to the back of the frame. Sometimes you may need to unplug it from the wall.

29. Is there a warranty?

Yes, a standard 1 year warranty is included on our basic frames with an option to upgrade for a total 3 Year Limited Warranty. The LCD's we use are new. They have a good back light usage rating listed at 3 years of daily use. During the warranty period you pay only the cost of shipping during any parts failure. We cover parts and labor. After warranty repair is available for a fee, plus parts, labor, and shipping charges.
You can view our standard warranty here.
[warranty PDF] .

30. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. You can view our guarantee here.
[warranty PDF] .

31. Can you modify your frames?

Yes, we can make minor changes. Please call with your request and we'll let you know. some requests include longer power cords and extra hanging clips for security.

32. Is PowerPoint supported?

Our digital frames will not run PowerPoint directly.

You will need to create separate images or a video of your presentation.

If your PowerPoint presentation is made of slides only, you can use PowerPoint to export the slides into .jpg images. Put the images onto a USB then into the digital picture frame. If your PowerPoint presentation contains animations and other timed effects, then you can preserve the presentation by changing it into a video.
Your PowerPoint program can do it (Click Here!).

Once you have the video saved as an Mpeg4 then you can play it on our frames.

33. What type of USB drive is recommended?

Kingston, HP, or PNY is recommended.

Delete all files that are not images, video , or music.

Other file types will cause screen to freeze image or reset.

34. What temperature range is safe for the frame?

Try to keep digital frame indoors. A temperature between 32 and 124 degrees F. is safe. Other temperatures will harm your frame.

35. Can i drill a mounting hole into the frame.

No. This will cause harm to the frame. Please ask us to do it before we ship your frame. Frames are made and constructed in Nashville. If you drill anything into the frame your warranty will be void. Metal shavings can cause problems and vibrations could dislodge solder points inside of frame.

36. Frame is hard to turn on.

Be patient once power is applied allow 20 seconds for boot up before menu shows.

You may be holding the soft power button too long. Press and let go quickly otherwise the Logo will flash and the screen will turn back off. Try Again!

32 inch models will have a power button in the back that needs to be pressed  to turn the main screen on.

Next check for a red power light near the USB area.  (read#1 above if you still have a problem)

The 22-27 inch models will have 1 blue light show on the bottom and 1 red light show on the top when everything is turned on.

37. Do your frames come with stands?

Most of our frames will sit flat on a table by themselves and or have a kickout leg.

If you have a wooden overlay and need a stand to hold the frame up off the table, we do sell a table stand for that.

Look in our accessories page.

38. Do you make a rugged travel case?

Need a rugged travel case. Give the dimensions to these guys.

39. How do I Rotate my images to show Vertical on my Bigeframe?

There is a rotate image button on your remote. The setting will not save and is intended for use during a presentation. If you need the image to stay rotated then you will need to edit and resave image. Read below.

Photos taken with a Smart Phone will be upside down or sideways because of the on board sensors and the ability to turn the phone in any direction.

Try to hold the phone landscape with the camera on the right so that the photo is always right side up when playing on our frame. Windows preview will auto rotate the preview to be right side up because it has smart software. It however does not mean your photo is rotated the way you need. The photos you have already taken will need to be rotated with a photo editing program if they are upside down or sideways on our digital frame. Try using Photoshop or MS Paint. Also try using the video slideshow program mentioned above. You can rotate images in that program before creating the Video slideshows.   

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